Firepit Comedy Tour was born during the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic. After having gone over 45 days without performing, Lars Callieou and Norm Shaw seized on the opportunity to tell jokes in backyards after Lars saw a Twitter post with 6 people socially distanced around a firepit. One simple retweet of that picture suggesting they would come tell jokes at your firepit led to the first live outdoor comedy show in Canada on May 2, 2020. Excitement grew as there was nothing for people to do during the lockdowns, no sports on tv, no recreation facilities to attend, and no other live entertainment available. uThe Firepit Comedy Tour spanned an unbelievable 162 show tour over the next four months, covering over 25,000 km across 3 western Canadian provinces. It garnered international media attention and Lars and Norm shared the concept and lessons learned with many other comedians across Canada, the U.K., U.S.A and Australia.

With Coronavirus still hammering many parts of the world in 2021, the Firepit Comedy Tour is back, available both as a live show (within current health guidelines only) and also as a virtual show with an ability to host up to 1000 people in the “Zoom Room” to watch.

Sunday, July 25th, 2021 at 2:06am
Stop 3 on the @firepitcomedy tour tonite took @mattmellon and @extralars to #StonyPlain for a repeat Birthday show. It’s the third of 3 birthday parties tonight for these two clowns. #firepitcomedy #firepitcomedytour #firepitcomedyseason2 #funny #comedy FirepitComedy photo
Monday, July 19th, 2021 at 1:22pm
Early on in the Firepit Comedy Tour @ExtraLars would talk about @improvhypnosis DJ background and mention he’s done one lady’s wedding 5 times. This really happened and today Facebook fact-checked it! #truestory #firepitcomedy #firepitcomedytour #firepitcomedyseason2 #wedding FirepitComedy photo